Air Assisted Airless Equipment

Air assisted airless equipment offers the best and most fine finish results around within the paint spray industry. Developed almost half a century ago, air assisted airless equipment works using a fluid nozzle much like a typical airless spray setup, which partly atomizes the spray coating. The atomization is completed using small quantities of compressed air through an air cap. The resulting pattern is a quality finely atomized spray coating each and every time.

Air Assisted Airless Equipment

Achieving the best quality while using lower air pressures are the more common reasons professionals choose air assisted airless equipment. It’s called a soft spray, and it is much more efficient in creating a fine finish spray coating than your typical airless paint sprayer. On top of the quality finish the equipment provides, the lower pressures will put less wear on the equipment. It’s also useful for doing a thorough job of spraying into nooks, crannies, and creases without a lot of bounce-back. That means less cleanup after each job. The biggest drawbacks to air assisted airless gear are the problems that can occur if you don’t master the skill of using it. Many operators find it easy to use too much air pressure and fluid if they don’t carefully control their technique, which defeats the purpose of using air assisted airless equipment.

Air Assisted Airless Equipment – Small Tips and Clogging Problems

Also, with the small tip sizes that are typically used with air assisted spray equipment, clogging can be a problem. However, KM Coating carries fine finish tip broaches that makes unclogging easy. These spray tip cleaning needles help to keep your air assisted airless tips operating at peak performance. In addition, we offer the TRIA Pro45 as an upgrade to your air assisted airless spray gun turning it into a reversible spray tip system. The turn of a tiny knob is all it takes to reverse the spray to get rid of blockage without having to remove the tip. Shop KM Coating, Inc. online as we carry the accessories you need to make the most of your air assisted equipment.

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