Airless Spray Gun Tips

Keeping your airless sprayer maintained is the least you can do considering how essential it is for your business. Maintenance, of course, includes cleaning the system as well as the airless spray gun tips you use. After finishing a job, especially a difficult one or one that’s taken longer than expected, cleaning equipment might be the last thing you feel like doing. The process really doesn’t take long, though, and the payoff is worth it. If you clean the nozzle and the tips every time you use the sprayer, the spray tips will last longer and perform better, maximizing the investment in your equipment.

Airless Spray Gun TipsThe first step is to run the proper solvent through the sprayer, leaving the tip on so that it gets a blast of the solvent, too. You can then remove the sprayer tip and place it in a container of solvent while you finish up flushing the main part of your airless system. Once you’re finished with the sprayer, you can complete maintenance for the tip. With your spray tip cleaning needles, you can easily get in the orifice of the spray tip, allowing it to remain at peak performance. Dip a bottle brush into the solvent and use it to clean the body of the tip. Dunk the tip in the solvent once more to rinse it, and then dry it off with a paper towel or clean rag.

Airless Spray Gun Tips – Cleaning and Maintenance

While keeping airless spray gun tips clean will lengthen their lifespan, proper maintenance doesn’t mean they will last indefinitely. Because of the high pressure used to force liquids through the tips, they naturally wear down over time. The good news is that KM Coating, Inc. carries a wide range of airless spray tips at deeply discounted prices. That means no matter what you use your airless equipment for, KM Coating can keep you stocked with the expendable accessories you need on hand to minimize downtime. For the finest products at the best prices, shop KM Coating.

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