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Finding Quality Airless Spray Tips Online

KM Coating provides top of the line products to ensure your tools work at their full potential. In particular the airless spray tips, which are offered in various sizes, will help in solving your fluid handling needs. Whether you require contractor tips, industrial tips, fine finish spray tips, robotic airless spray tips or line marking paint sprayer tips, you can find the right item to get the job done. Each items supplied from KM Coating is guaranteed to be reliable for any job you put it through. We use only the finest materials for the construction of our products, such as stainless steel bodies and tungsten carbide inserts. We check and test all of our spray tips individually to ensure the correct fan pattern and flow rate is being supplied.

Airless Spray Tips

Not only are our airless spray tips carefully and skillfully crafted but they can be used with various spray coatings. No matter what the job, KM Coating’s parts can be used to ensure quality work. For convenience our parts are interchangeable with other manufactures brands, no matter the job or sprayer that you may be using. Various services and industries use our parts and tools because they know our products can be trusted for producing only the fine finish results they require.

Quality Airless Spray Tips

Due to the solid construction and testing of each airless spray tip, we can ensure quality products and quality results. Each spray tip is easy to assemble with your finishing equipment and can be used with various spray coatings on the market today. For any project you may need to complete, our airless spray tips can make it easier in solving your fluid handling requirements. We make it easy to identify our parts so you know exactly which one is best for you. These airless spray tips can be used with many of our other products making it easy to find everything you need to complete your projects. KM Coating stands behind the quality of all our merchandise and ensures only the best products, producing the best results.



Industrial Tips – Tested – Available Online

Industrial tips for your sprayer ensure a quality finish for those bigger jobs. Whether manual or automatic, they perform well with a wide range of spray coatings. The terrific thing about coming to KM Coating, Inc. for industrial sprayer tips is the large selection they carry to ensure you will have the perfect size to complete every job you do, no matter what orifice sizes and spray angles you require. Made from ultra-durable stainless steel and with tungsten carbide inserts, you can count on the industrial airless tips from KM Coating to see you through the biggest, most rigorous jobs.

Industrial Tips Online

While KM Coating has over 300 choices for you for industrial tips, they also offer over 100 choices for industrial reversible tips. Rated at 7,500 PSI, the reversible option still delivers a first-rate finish, plus they’ll help you save time, too. Tip blockage is a common problem, even if you’re meticulous about using paint filters. Often, too much time is spent on powering airless systems down so that those blocks can be cleared away before you can continue with the job. With reversible tips, though, you don’t even have to shut the system down. Just flip the spray tip into the reverse position, aim the gun at a piece of scrap board and shoot the blockage away.

Not Just Industrial Tips – We have Custom Paint Hose and Other Paint Spray Accessories

For industrial tips, reversible paint spray tips, flat airless paint sprayer tips, or any airless tips for that matter, come to KM Coating, Inc. They carry all the tips you’re looking for plus many other accessories you need to have on hand. From high pressure hose to paint filters to couplings and adaptors, KM Coating has the expendable parts to keep your finishing equipment running and performing well. Plus, the prices at KM Coating are a bonus. Everything in the inventory is discounted, even the items you know and use all the time. You’ll get the best results every time while enjoying some of the lowest prices at KM Coating.


Paint Spray Tips

KM Coating offers a variety of products that can be used for any project that you may have. We offer airless spray tip, air assisted airless paint sprayer tips and reversible paint spray tips in a couple of pressure ranges. We ensure that all of our products are the best in the business testing each spray tip to ensure only fine finish results. Manufactured with quality tungsten carbide inserts and stainless steel bodies, all of our merchandise is made with only the finest materials to ensure long lasting, durable and reliable paint spray tips. We also carry a variety of products to keep your paint spray tips operating at peak performance, like the tip cleaning needles, which will clear out any clog allowing your spray tips to last longer. Additional products can be used, such as the universal pre-orifices and micro tip filters, which will help in creating the fine finish results you are looking for. At KM Coating we make sure you get the products you need to get your work done, while achieving only the highest quality.

Paint Spray Tips

Our products can be used with any spray coating and for whatever job you may have on your list. Many different industries trust our products because they know our products will last and help them create quality work. With the ability to custom make any paint spray tip to your exact specifications, as well as laser etch for easy identification, there is no wonder why people come to KM Coating for their paint spray jobs.

Our products are the best in the market, and are the most reliable for any industry and project. Through their easy identification and ability to be used with various other products, our paint spray tips are among the most convenient to use. Our merchandise is reliable, built to last, and is the best choice for any of your projects. KM Coating is a reliable company, which stands behind all of our paint spray tips and products being offered.

Airless Spray Gun Tips

Keeping your airless sprayer maintained is the least you can do considering how essential it is for your business. Maintenance, of course, includes cleaning the system as well as the airless spray gun tips you use. After finishing a job, especially a difficult one or one that’s taken longer than expected, cleaning equipment might be the last thing you feel like doing. The process really doesn’t take long, though, and the payoff is worth it. If you clean the nozzle and the tips every time you use the sprayer, the spray tips will last longer and perform better, maximizing the investment in your equipment.

Airless Spray Gun TipsThe first step is to run the proper solvent through the sprayer, leaving the tip on so that it gets a blast of the solvent, too. You can then remove the sprayer tip and place it in a container of solvent while you finish up flushing the main part of your airless system. Once you’re finished with the sprayer, you can complete maintenance for the tip. With your spray tip cleaning needles, you can easily get in the orifice of the spray tip, allowing it to remain at peak performance. Dip a bottle brush into the solvent and use it to clean the body of the tip. Dunk the tip in the solvent once more to rinse it, and then dry it off with a paper towel or clean rag.

Airless Spray Gun Tips – Cleaning and Maintenance

While keeping airless spray gun tips clean will lengthen their lifespan, proper maintenance doesn’t mean they will last indefinitely. Because of the high pressure used to force liquids through the tips, they naturally wear down over time. The good news is that KM Coating, Inc. carries a wide range of airless spray tips at deeply discounted prices. That means no matter what you use your airless equipment for, KM Coating can keep you stocked with the expendable accessories you need on hand to minimize downtime. For the finest products at the best prices, shop KM Coating.

Finding the Right Industrial Paint Sprayer Equipment Online

If you are in the market for a top quality industrial paint sprayer and accessories, look no further than KM Coating. KM Coating is home to amazing values on airless paint spray hoses, couplings and adapters, swivels, and airless paint sprayer tips. We offer some of the most competitive airless spray equipment, which will last for years after the initial purchase.

Who benefits from our products? We have customers that span many different industries – from aerospace to automotive to agriculture to construction, just to name a few. Because of our ability to custom-make whatever the customer needs, we have a loyal customer-base that continues to use our products year after year. We will customize our hoses to meet your desired pressure range and length preference if it is not already available in our inventory. Together we work with our clients to make sure they receive the exact product they need to complete a successful project!

Industrial Paint Sprayer

Safety and quality should be your top concerns when shopping for an industrial paint sprayer hose. We test every single one of our products – each tested to make sure it meets international safety standards. Our hoses are made from top quality braids of stainless steel, carbon steel, textile fibers and aramid fibers – sure to stand the test of time.

Looking for products from a specific manufacturer? No problem! KM Coating offers equivalent products from a wide variety of top manufacturers such as Graco, Wagner Spray Tech, Exel North America, Wiwa, and CA Technologies, among many others.

Let KM Coating supply you with low and high pressure flexible hoses that will help you carry out your next project. Our selection is endless and includes airless paint sprayer tips, air assisted airless spray tips, paint filters, live gun swivels, couplings and adaptors. We will help you find the right products for your needs!

Finding the Best Graco Airless Paint Sprayer Parts Online

KM Coating is home to one of the largest selections of hoses, couplings, adapters, live gun swivels, spray tips and tip accessories. Equivalent Graco airless paint sprayer parts make up a large part of our inventory, all offered at some of the most competitive pricing on the market. We serve customers who are working in a variety of different industries, which include aerospace, automotive and construction. With Graco being a top manufacturer on the market today, it is essential to have the products you need so you can get the job done efficiently and done right. Well at KM Coating, you can find those aftermarket paint sprayer parts, all at discounted prices.

Graco Airless Paint Sprayer Parts

If cost is deterring you from investing in a new hose or hoses, consider KM Coating for a number of different reasons. First of all, our equivalent Graco hoses will help you save money and they are such high quality that they stand the true test of time.

One benefit to buying through KM Coating is that any of our high pressure or low-pressure hoses can be customized to fit your needs. Our quality is unbeatable and our products boast longevity. In fact, each hose is individually tested – undergoing demanding testing with the latest lab equipment to make sure it meets international standards and will perform to the highest standards. We make sure that each spray hose can withstand the extreme temperatures you will put it through. All the equivalent Graco hoses KM Coating offers are created to stand the test of time.

In addition to Graco, we offer additional high pressure hoses from several other manufacturers such as Wagner Spray Tech, Exel North America, Wiwa, CA Technologies among many others. Our customers remain satisfied year after year because we carry several airless paint sprayer hoses and air assisted airless hoses from only the best quality and all being reasonably priced. If you cannot find the high pressure hose that will work from our inventory, we can always custom make anything you need. If it is Graco you are looking for, we have hoses and paint sprayer parts that will work with your Graco equipment that will stand the test of time.


Finding Good Paint Spray Hose Online

Paint spray hoses are used in a variety of different industries – from aerospace to agriculture to automotive and construction. If you are in the market for a new paint spray hose, you probably also need some paint spray tips as well. KM Coating has one of the largest selections of high quality hoses, couplings, adapters, swivels, and tips.

KM Coating puts each one of their paint spray hoses under an immense amount of testing to make certain that their products meet international standards. We take pride in offering the highest quality hoses from trusted manufacturers, including Graco, Wagner Spray Tech, Exel North America, Wiwa, CA Technologies, among many others! In our inventory, you will find tried and true top quality hoses but also couplings, adapters, swivels, y-blocks, paint filters, and spray tips. KM Coating can help you figure out which paint spray hose matches your requirements. In fact, most high pressure hoses can be custom-made to fit your length or fitting configuration to ensure you receive exactly what the job requires.

Paint Spray Hose

We carry a wide variety of lightweight and flexible hoses that will give the perfect amount of pressure for your project. Each paint spray hose is tested against varying extreme temperatures and abrasion to make sure it will stand the test of time and the intensity of your project.

We carry the most commonly used high pressure hoses among painting contractors, including a premium 1/4″ by 50’ and several different whip hoses, in varying ID’s and pressure ranges. Whether you are looking for a low pressure or high pressure paint spray hose to use with your spray coating, we have the right airless spray equipment that will not only get the job done but surpass all expectations to help you solve all your fluid handling requirements. We are competitively priced and pride ourselves in offering some of the lowest prices in the business.

Wagner Airless Paint Sprayer Parts

Finding top quality, affordable Wagner airless paint sprayer parts has never been easier. You will find a huge variety of paint spray hoses, couplings and adapters, swivels, and spray tips through KM Coating. Our customer-base includes professionals in aerospace, automotive, agriculture and construction – our paint sprayer parts serve the gamut! We carry several aftermarket products from the top manufacturers in the paint spray industry, including Graco, Wagner Spray Tech, Exel North America, Wiwa, and CA Technologies, among many others.

Wagner Airless Paint Sprayer Parts

Our selection of high pressure hoses includes a variety of airless paint spray hoses and air assisted airless paint sprayer hoses. The beauty of shopping with KM Coating is that if you cannot find what you need in our selection, we can custom-make your pressure hose to be your desired length and fitting configuration. Our inventory includes popular sizes and fitting configurations, but just in case, we offer the option to customize your hose to fit your desired pressure range and hose length. Our high pressure hoses are made of several varying materials, some including stainless steel braids, carbon steel braids and aramid fibers, just to name a few. We want our customers satisfied so only the best materials are used!

At KM Coating, we offer top quality airless paint sprayer tips, air assisted airless spray tips, tip accessories, and live gun swivels that will work perfectly with all of the top quality manufacturers. The key to finding a hose that will stand the test of time is investing in quality. KM Coating carries products that have been developed and tested with the latest lab equipment to make sure that each meets international standards of quality.

Everything you need to carry out a successful project is available through KM Coating. We carry hoses, couplings and adaptors, swivels and y-blocks, paint filters, and tip accessories – some of the best quality and most affordable on the market!

Mesh Vs Micron – What is the difference?

When talking about paint filters there are two terms that are thrown around quite often that are important to understand – Mesh and Micron. Both terms can ultimately do the job in telling you how fine a paint filter is; however both terms are quite different from one another.

So what exactly is a micron? Essentially it is a unit of measurement used in determining particle size. Typically the term micron is thrown around for describing extremely small items. To get a better sense of just how small we are talking about, some linear equivalents below will tell the story.

  • 1 micron = .0000394 inches
  • 1,000 microns = 1 millimeter
  • 25,400 microns = 1 inch

So then what does mesh size mean? The way in which to figure out the mesh size of a paint filter is quite simple. If you took the time, all you have to do is count the number of openings in one inch of screen. The total number of openings becomes the mesh size. With that being said, a 30 mesh screen has 30 openings, 100 mesh screen has 100 openings, and so on. Therefore, a high number represents a finer filter.

Bottom line when discussing mesh and micron for paint filters is that they are both talking about how fine the filter truly is. In addition, referencing the mesh to micron conversion chart below, you will see that there is an inverse relationship between each other. The higher the mesh size of something, the lower the number of microns that filter will be.

Mesh to Micron Conversion Chart

Looking for Airless Paint Spray Hose?

If you are looking for a top quality airless paint spray hose, couplings and adapters, swivels, and spray tips, look no further than KM Coating, which offers some of the most competitive pricing on airless spray equipment. We serve customers in a variety of different industries – including aerospace, automotive and construction. Our equipment and products work wonders for the surface treatment industry.

Airless Spray Equipment

Looking for an airless paint spray hose? KM Coating has a wide variety of high pressure hoses to choose from, including contractor hose, industrial high pressure hose and PTFE hoses in various pressure ranges and ID’s.

Buying Airless Paint Spray Hose Online

When buying an airless paint spray hoses, it’s important to consider safety and quality. When you buy from KM coating, you can rest assured that each and every product has been developed and tested with the latest lab equipment, and know for certain that your products meet all international standards. One way we stand apart from the competition is that we offer customization options to our customers. You can special order a hose in a specific pressure range, length and with a variety of different fittings. Using our experience, we can help you figure out which option best fits your needs. Our hoses are made with a variety of stainless steel, nylon textile, carbon steel and aramid fiber braids – the highest quality in achieving multiple different pressure ranges.

We make it easy to find the products you need in order to carry out all of your fluid handling requirements. We carry equivalent products from all of the top manufacturers in the paint spray industry, including Graco, Wagner Spray Tech, Finishing Brands, Exel North America, Wiwa, and CA Technologies, among others. In addition to our high pressure hose selection, we carry couplings and adaptors, live gun swivels and y-blocks, filters and filter housing, tips accessories – everything you need to execute a successful project!