Best Place to Get Custom Heavy Duty Industrial Hose

If you need an industrial hose for your next project, consider the selection at, home to one of the largest selections of high pressure hoses, couplings & adapters, live gun swivels, spray tips and more. Whether you are working in aerospace, agriculture or automotive, you need an industrial hose to carry out your project. Industrial hoses are also necessary in construction and the surface treatment industry.

Industrial hoses can be expensive, which is why is one of your best options, offering competitive pricing on popular pressure hoses, including paint spray hose, PTFE hose, sewer jetting hose, rubber hose, and thermoplastic hydraulic hose assemblies. We can custom-make anything you need, including low pressure and high pressure hoses. With some of the lowest prices on industrial hoses in the market, we cater to a wide variety of customers working in a number of different industries.

Huge Online Selection of Industrial Hose – Custom Length – Order Online

Each industrial heavy duty hose has undergone testing with the latest lab equipment to make sure it meets international standards and will perform to the highest standards. Our paint spray hose is tested against varying temperatures and abrasion to make sure it will withstand the intensity of your project. The result is a high quality product that will stand the test of time.

Huge Online Selection of Industrial Hose

We carry a variety of products including airless paint sprayer hose, air assisted airless paint sprayer hose, couplings, adapters, swivels, y-blocks, paint filters, and airless paint sprayer tips. Our airless spray tips will achieve a fine finish result even while working at very high pressures.

We carry equivalent products from such manufacturers as Graco, Wagner Spray Tech, Exel North America, Wiwa, Ca Technologies, just to name a few. Together with our clients we help them find the right products to help them solve all of their fluid handling requirements. prides itself on serving customers, providing top quality industrial hoses and other products at an affordable price – some of the lowest in the market. You will be amazed by our selection, as we offer lightweight and flexible hoses that will give just the perfect amount of pressure for your project.