KM Coating Now Carries Indispensable Industrial Swivels

The use of high pressures with your industrial spray guns can make them hard to handle, but KM Coating, Inc. offers the new 79-201 Industrial Swivel from Exitflex USA for total rotational mobility and easier use.

The 79-201 Industrial Swivel is an essential accessory for getting the high-quality results you want from your high-tech industrial spray gun.

Industrial spray painting professionals know that a quality job relies as much on the operator as it does his finishing equipment. For a painter to execute a flawless effect, he has to be able to control the equipment and maintain a smooth, even motion. However, with full pressure raging through the heavy duty hose rated over 9,000 PSI; it can make using the finishing equipment cumbersome and difficult to manage, quickly fatiguing the wrist of the painter and hindering picture-perfect application. By upgrading your finishing equipment with the 79-201 Industrial Swivel, it will greatly reduce pressures on the wrist providing indispensable mobility for impeccable application.

With five meticulously manufactured parts made from 303 Stainless Steel, this 79-201 Industrial Swivel has a 1/4″ NPSM female on one end and 1/4″ NPT male on the other. This revolutionary little accessory sports one PTFE friction washer and one spring seal, a unique feature that has proven to be superior to traditional seals. The spring seal is constructed from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, making for a light 51-gram total weight. As lightweight as it is, this 79-201 Industrial Swivel remains within the surface treatment industry standards having a 4:1 safety factor. It has a maximum working pressure rated at 8,000 PSI and guarantees the same smooth swivel function at all pressure ranges.

Upgrading is as simple as attaching the 79-201 Industrial Swivel between a length of heavy duty hose and an industrial spray gun.

The configuration is ideal for painting any industrial job including:

  • bridges
  • metal roofs
  • ships
  • stadiums and arenas
  • storage tanks and pipelines
  • water towers
  • …or any big job you have

KM Coating, Inc., is a distributor of the finest airless spray equipment and air assisted airless accessories, including a selection of live gun swivels as well as couplings, adapters, Y-blocks, spray tips, and paint filters. They also offer a large variety of heavy duty hoses suitable for a range of pressures compatible with the 79-201 Industrial Swivel. In addition, KM Coating is happy to offer customized high pressure hoses to any specs needed such as length and/or fitting configuration. KM Coating, Inc., has gone the extra mile to stock superior products that exceed the quality found anywhere else, providing them at discounted prices to ensure equipment maintenance is affordable.