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Spray Tips – Quality Finishing Jobs

You may have spent a fortune on your airless or air assisted paint spray equipment, but without quality accessories, you won’t get the professional results you should. Spray tips are the perfect example of a sprayer accessory that can make all the difference in your work depending on the quality you opt for and whether you replace them as needed. KM Coating, Inc. carries a large selection of different types of spray tips to ensure that you have the right tip for the job whether you’re applying heavy or lightweight product with airless and air assisted airless equipment.

Spray TipsFor airless paint spray equipment, KM Coating offers flat tips for standard or industrial use and even has tips that deliver a high quality spray for a superfine finish result. Flat tips are inexpensive and come in an array of sizes. Maintaining your gear is essential and even the highest quality spray tips can become clogged, but it’s not always convenient to stop what you’re doing to clean a tip before you finish a project. That’s why KM Coating also carries reversible tips for clearing blocks easily and quickly.

Air assisted airless equipment is a popular choice for many professionals because of the advantages of less bounce-back and a more fine finish spray coating. You’ll be pleased to see that KM Coating carries a wide variety of spray tips including Kremlin air assisted airless tips, Graco pin spray tips and Binks fine finish sprayer tips, just to name a few.

You can count on all the spray tips you get from KM Coating to be made with durable materials such as tungsten carbide for enhanced life and erosion resistance. Even so, all spray tips including high-quality ones reach a point of needing replacement. KM Coating is there for you with the spray tips and other paint sprayer accessories to keep your equipment up and running and consistently delivering professional results.

Paint Application Brush vs Spray

Brush or spray? Two tools for the very same job, right? Which one should you choose? In reality, these tools shouldn’t be considered competing options for the same job. Instead, a paint brush and a paint sprayer are complementary, both deserving of a spot in your painting toolbox.

Paint Application Brush vs SprayConsider the paint brush. It’s an excellent paint applicator that provides superb control and paint adhesion. For detail work, it’s clearly the best option. Despite this, painting by hand can be a slow and laborious process, as it not only takes a long time to cover your desired area, but you often need more than one coat of paint. When you are looking to paint a large area, or are simply looking to speed up paint application, a paint sprayer is ideal for you. You can apply paint rapidly, and you only need a single coat. And although you use more paint than painting with a brush, the rapid application means overall cost savings because you can finish a job in hours that might have taken days. It’s also worth noting that a paint sprayer gives you a fine finish, one without brush strokes that can often be seen in traditional painting.

Are you ready to spray, yet? Well, if so, KM Coating can provide you with the spray paint equipment and accessories you need. Check out our supply of high pressure hose for your Graco airless paint sprayer or Wagner airless paint sprayer. KM Coating also supplies hose for air assisted airless setups that can provide you with the fine finish you desire. Our high pressure hoses come in a variety of pressures and lengths, and we can even provide custom hose lengths to perfectly suit your needs. Our collection of spray tips includes flat spray tips (including Graco spray tips, Wagner spray tips, etc.), reversible tips, and air assisted airless tips (including Kremlin spray tips, Graco spray tips, Binks spray tips, etc.). Don’t worry, we carry tip cleaning needles to help you maintain your spray tips too. Finally, we carry a large collection of other spray paint equipment including couplings and adaptors, paint filters and live gun swivels. With KM Coating quality products, you’ll achieve professional results for all of your fluid handling requirements.

Airless Spray Equipment

Airless spray equipment has several advantages when used correctly over traditional methods of brushes and rollers. Not only will it saves you time and money but airless spray equipment will help to ensure a high quality finish, regardless of the size of job or the type of spray coating you are applying.

Of course, even with specialized efficient equipment such as airless sprayers, terrific results also depend on mastering technique. Even though the equipment can do its part to help control overspray, holding the sprayer at the optimal distance from the surface is essential. If you hold it too close, too much product will be applied in a small area and holding it too far away requires to many passes to completely coat the surface with material. Either way, you are wasting product and reducing the efficiency of your airless spray equipment.

Airless Spray Equipment

Quality Airless Spray Equipment from KM Coating

There are other elements that will affect your technique and how well your jobs turn out. For instance, in addition to holding the sprayer the proper distance, you also need to keep it at a 90 degree angle to the surface to avoid uneven coverage and product waste. You need to time when you squeeze the trigger, starting to move the gun a split second before you trigger. Also, with airless equipment, more is not necessarily better. Crank the pressure control down as low as possible without creating “tails.” Not only will you get a more even and consistent finish, but using low pressure instead of maxing it out will reduce wear on the equipment and accessories.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to completely eliminate wear on hose, tips, couplings, filters and other elements. When you need to replace consumables, you can save time and money by coming to KM Coating, Inc. We offer discounted prices on the best products so you can get the best results to solve all your fluid handling requirements.

Save Big on Your Paint Spray Needs with KM Coating

KM Coating has some great deals going on. We have some of the best prices for quality paint spray tips, air assisted airless, custom industrial hose, and much more. Check out some of the deals below, the most popular destination for contractors to replace their worn out parts, broken parts, or are looking for new paint spraying equipment online. We are the number one source for all your finishing products at discounted pricing. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the paint spray industry, working with hydraulics, sewer jetting… we have top line products and discounted prices.

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Customize Your High Pressure Hose Online



Whether you require 1/8″ ID airless paint sprayer hose up to 3/4″ ID airless hose you can find the right high pressure hose to perfectly fit the fluid mechanics application that you seek.

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By having the ability for customized lengths you are able to be most efficient with your finishing equipment setup.

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Regardless of what you feel the best airless paint sprayer or air assisted airless paint sprayer is on the market today, our large selection of fittings available can make our high pressure hose easily adaptable to your finishing equipment. Some of our female and male fittings include but are not limited to BSP, NPT, NPS, NPSM and JIC in carbon steel or stainless steel.

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Air Assisted Airless

air assisted airlessWhen you want to apply a spray coating and achieve an extremely fine finish result, an air assisted airless is the go-to spray gun for the job. There are a number of quality brands of sprayers on the market, but the difficulty comes in finding a reliable and affordable source for the consumable accessories such as high pressure hose, pneumatic hose and spray tips. That’s where KM Coating comes in. We have all the products you need to maintain professional spray equipment, no matter what industry you’re in. Bringing you top quality air assisted airless products at affordable, discounted prices is what we do best.

KM Coating knows how difficult it can be to find spray tips and hose that meet the high quality you need, especially if your facility uses more than one brand of sprayer. That’s why we carry a large selection of tungsten carbide air assisted airless sprayer tips in many sizes, degrees and fan patterns. Whichever sprayer brands you use, from Anest-Iwata to Binks to Wagner, just to name a few, we have spray tips that will fit them along with most other popular spray guns. KM Coating also carries the essential additional spray painting accessories you need, too, such as micro tip filters, PTFE seals and spray tip cleaning needles to help optimize performance.

Air Assisted Airless Equipment – Save Today Online at KM Coating

If you’ve been considering the TRIA Pro45 kit to upgrade your air assisted airless equipment, KM Coating has those, too. The aircap base, reversible tip and seals are easy to install and, once in place, will essentially transform your spray gun into a reversible spray tip system. When you shop KM Coating for tips, filters, seals and more, you’ll save money while making sure your finishing equipment is in top working order, and our products will keep your downtime to a minimum, too. For the best results from your sprayers, come to KM Coating for the highest quality products at discounted prices.