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Looking for Airless Paint Spray Hose?

If you are looking for a top quality airless paint spray hose, couplings and adapters, swivels, and spray tips, look no further than KM Coating, which offers some of the most competitive pricing on airless spray equipment. We serve customers in a variety of different industries – including aerospace, automotive and construction. Our equipment and products work wonders for the surface treatment industry.

Airless Spray Equipment

Looking for an airless paint spray hose? KM Coating has a wide variety of high pressure hoses to choose from, including contractor hose, industrial high pressure hose and PTFE hoses in various pressure ranges and ID’s.

Buying Airless Paint Spray Hose Online

When buying an airless paint spray hoses, it’s important to consider safety and quality. When you buy from KM coating, you can rest assured that each and every product has been developed and tested with the latest lab equipment, and know for certain that your products meet all international standards. One way we stand apart from the competition is that we offer customization options to our customers. You can special order a hose in a specific pressure range, length and with a variety of different fittings. Using our experience, we can help you figure out which option best fits your needs. Our hoses are made with a variety of stainless steel, nylon textile, carbon steel and aramid fiber braids – the highest quality in achieving multiple different pressure ranges.

We make it easy to find the products you need in order to carry out all of your fluid handling requirements. We carry equivalent products from all of the top manufacturers in the paint spray industry, including Graco, Wagner Spray Tech, Finishing Brands, Exel North America, Wiwa, and CA Technologies, among others. In addition to our high pressure hose selection, we carry couplings and adaptors, live gun swivels and y-blocks, filters and filter housing, tips accessories – everything you need to execute a successful project!

Airless Spray Equipment

Airless spray equipment has several advantages when used correctly over traditional methods of brushes and rollers. Not only will it saves you time and money but airless spray equipment will help to ensure a high quality finish, regardless of the size of job or the type of spray coating you are applying.

Of course, even with specialized efficient equipment such as airless sprayers, terrific results also depend on mastering technique. Even though the equipment can do its part to help control overspray, holding the sprayer at the optimal distance from the surface is essential. If you hold it too close, too much product will be applied in a small area and holding it too far away requires to many passes to completely coat the surface with material. Either way, you are wasting product and reducing the efficiency of your airless spray equipment.

Airless Spray Equipment

Quality Airless Spray Equipment from KM Coating

There are other elements that will affect your technique and how well your jobs turn out. For instance, in addition to holding the sprayer the proper distance, you also need to keep it at a 90 degree angle to the surface to avoid uneven coverage and product waste. You need to time when you squeeze the trigger, starting to move the gun a split second before you trigger. Also, with airless equipment, more is not necessarily better. Crank the pressure control down as low as possible without creating “tails.” Not only will you get a more even and consistent finish, but using low pressure instead of maxing it out will reduce wear on the equipment and accessories.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to completely eliminate wear on hose, tips, couplings, filters and other elements. When you need to replace consumables, you can save time and money by coming to KM Coating, Inc. We offer discounted prices on the best products so you can get the best results to solve all your fluid handling requirements.

Airless Paint Spray Hose

At first thought, airless paint spray hose may seem like a minor accessory not worthy of much notice. However, considering that it is the passage through which the product travels, it is an element that deserves as much attention as the spray tips, filters, and even the airless equipment itself. Everything plays a part in ensuring the high-quality finish you want to deliver, and making sure you use durable, well-built hose is as important as choosing top brand equipment, hard-wearing tips, and quality paint, stain or other product.

Airless Paint Spray Hose

Quality airless paint spray hose is as essential for getting excellent results as it is for ensuring safety. A flimsy hose may be inexpensive, but it will also be poorly made. It could spring holes or split, which could cause injury and possible poisoning if the product you are spraying gets injected beneath your skin. Opting for a quality, well-made hose is the best defense against possible injuries as well as providing optimal conditions for perfect results on any job. It is great to choose hoses that are single or double reinforced with sturdy materials such as brass-plated carbon steel and have tough exteriors made from polyurethane. In addition, you should also check to see if the high pressure hose you buy is tested to ensure it will resist both cold and hot temperatures, flame, ozone, scraping and grazing, and impulse.

Airless Paint Spray Hose – Whatever Length and Fitting You Need

If you are looking for high quality hose, you’ve come to the right place at KM Coating, Inc. We carry tough, durable hoses for all applications from low pressure to high pressure, PTFE hose, and more. The hose from KM Coating adheres to strict industry standards, including international regulations. Plus, KM Coating will be happy to customize hose for you to any length and fitting configuration.