Familiarizing Yourself with Graco Fine Finish Tips

Each project requires different sizes of spray tips depending upon the spray coating being applied as well the items being sprayed. Therefore, it is useful to understand how, for example, Graco fine finish tips vary from other sizes. If you are familiar with airless and air airless assisted equipment, then you understand the sizing system used by several spray tip manufacturers. The last three digit part of the tip size tells you how wide the spray fan will be, and how large the orifice size is. For instance, a Graco fine finish tip 63-509-513 tip is made to produce a spray pattern of 10 inches when sprayed about 12 inches from the surface (two times the “5” in “513”) and has an orifice size of .013 inches (.001 times the “13” in “513”).

Graco Fine Finish Tips

Just knowing that much about sizing Graco fine finish tips should be useful in choosing a tip size when you already know what type of product you will be using, and what you will be applying it to. Smaller orifice sizes will apply product at slower rates than larger ones will, so they are more effective for applying varnishes, stains, and lacquers. Additionally, the Graco 63-509 fine finish tips or 63-611 air assisted airless tip series will complete jobs on metal, woodwork, or cabinetry in a short amount of time.

Graco Fine Finish Tips Are Always Associated with Quality

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