Filter, Filter, and Filter Some More!

Who needs a filter anyway? You do, and you likely need a few! Whether your application is airless or air-assisted airless, paint spray filters can save you both time and money. Filtering your paint will reduce wear and tear on your high pressure hose and paint sprayer, increasing the life of your equipment. Additionally, paint spray filters improve your efficiency by reducing tip clogs that require you to stop painting to clear them.

Air Assisted Airless Paint FiltersAs you might have guessed from the title, there are multiple places that you can filter your paint, and KM Coating can provide you with the quality paint spray filters to get your job done. The first place you’ll want to filter your paint is at the pump. The use of a rock catcher, screen filter, or manifold filter will help to remove larger pieces of debris from your paint before it enters your high pressure hose, preventing damage to your hose and paint spray gun. Next, filtering the paint again just prior to application will remove smaller bits of debris, protecting your spray tip from damage and preventing clogs that can cause delays. The use of a spray tip filter or a gun handle filter will ensure that those small particles are filtered out. Finally, for those of you looking for the fine finish of air-assisted airless paint spray application, a micro filter placed just behind the hose spray nozzle is recommended; these micro filters are necessary to remove the smallest of impurities from your paint to achieve the fine finish you desire.

Each of the paint filters mentioned above is available from KM Coating at a variety of meshes, providing you with the ability to filter your paint exactly how you desire. And keep in mind that whether you need Graco airless spray filters, Wagner airless spray filters, or filters for air-assisted airless application, we can meet your needs.

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