Finding Stainless Steel Hose Online

For durability when working with your finishing equipment, our stainless steel hose is a terrific choice. Opt for PTFE–the variety of hose that boasts a Teflon® core–and you will have the advantages of a lightweight hose that offers superior flexibility. PTFE hose is heat, cold, corrosion resistant, and is extremely easy to clean. These elements make PTFE stainless steel hose useful in a variety of applications, which is why KM Coating, Inc. supplies multiple ID’s in both smooth bore PTFE and convoluted PTFE hose.

Stainless Steel Hose – The Best Choice for the Job

Stainless Steel HoseDepending on the current job at hand, you will have specific needs for the PTFE hose you use. Smooth bore stainless steel PTFE hose has a smooth inner tube which allows for easy assembly, fast flow and is available in 3/16” to 1” ID. Alternatively, convoluted PTFE hose is available in sizes of 1/2” to 2” ID. This helically convoluted PTFE high pressure hose provides added flexibility among the larger sized diameter hoses. You will note that there is some overlap in the bore sizes of these two types of PTFE hose, but the product and specific job may dictate which size you choose in certain circumstances.

KM Coating are experts when it comes to PTFE hose as well as other hydraulic hoses. Whether you require a rubber hose, thermoplastic hydraulic hose, paint spray hose or sewer jetting hose, you can find exactly what you need so solve all your fluid handling requirements. In addition, we supply spray tips, adaptors and couplings, paint filters, and other consumable accessories for paint spray equipment. We carry top quality products all at discounted prices that leave the competition in the dust. With the finest products at the lowest prices, it’s easy to get the best results with help from KM Coating.

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