Fine Finishing Tips

Fine Finish TipsYou can create amazing fine finishes with both airless and air assisted airless equipment, but the finish you get depends as much on the spray tips you use as it does the finishing equipment itself. The pump controls the PSI and the high pressure hose delivers the spray coating to the gun; however, the paint flow rate and spray pattern you get is dependent on the spray tip you use, therefore, it is vital that you choose the correct size tip to get the fine finish you want when applying lacquers, stains, latex, and similar light to medium-weight products.

When using an airless paint sprayer, you can’t get much finer of a finish than with Graco flat fine finish tips like our 63-509 airless paint sprayer tips. Providing a large variety of fan pattern and orifice sizes, applying the spray coating to your light-weight and delicate products will be a piece of cake, and the finish will be flawless.

Fine Finishing Tips, Preferences and More

Of course, professionals have different preferences for equipment and some work with both airless and air assisted gear while others exclusively use air assisted airless finishing equipment. While it is sometimes difficult to work with stains and dyes when using air assisted gear, it is still very effective for getting a high-quality finish with other lightweight products; especially if you use recommended fine finish tips designed for use with air assisted airless equipment such as the Graco pin spray tip, Kremlin double notch air assisted airless tip, and Binks fine finish spray tips, just to name a few.

Whether you use one type of paint spray equipment or both, you will find the ideal paint spray tips for any job at KM Coating, Inc. We have made it our mission to provide all of the expendable accessories you need to deliver top-quality finishes and keep your equipment working great. That means, in addition to fine finish tips of all sizes, you can get couplings and adaptors, paint filters, and even customized hose. You’ll always get the best results with airless and air assisted accessories from KM Coating.

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