Finishing Equipment

Airless and assisted airless finishing equipment has progressed into state-of-the-art territory. Using top of the line technology is not without difficulties, however. High quality equipment from Anest-Iwata, Binks, Graco and others require equally high quality accessories such as sturdy sprayer tips and durable, long lasting hose, often with the need for customization when it comes to length and fitting configurations. When you come to KM Coating for finishing equipment accessories, you will find a wide range of products that are perfectly compatible with your equipment and that are made to not only do the job well, but are also made to last.

Finishing EquipmentAt KM Coating, we know how difficult it can be to find the right accessories for specific equipment. That is why we carry a large selection of various brands of sprayer tips made from nearly indestructible tungsten carbide that deliver an assortment of finishes from standard to fine. We carry flat airless sprayer tips as well as reversible spray tips, but we also have upgrade pieces such as the TRIA Pro45. This ingenious system converts air assisted airless spray guns into reversible spray tip equipment, minimizing downtime caused by clogged spray tips. Just placing it in the reverse position is all it takes to spray the blockage clear.

Finishing Equipment for Just About Any Job

Quality high pressure hose is another vital piece for finishing equipment. KM Coating stocks a wide selection of various hoses to meet different needs. Whether you require Graco airless paint sprayer hose, Wagner airless paint sprayer hose, Kremlin air assisted airless paint sprayer hose or PTFE hose; you will find the right hose to solve your fluid handling needs when you shop KM Coating. Plus, you can always count on our high pressure hose to meet strict international industry standards to ensure that they are safe and effective to use for high pressure applications. For quality airless equipment accessories, come to KM Coating who will surely help solve your fluid dynamic needs.