High Pressure Hose

High Pressure Hose

Paint Spray Hose

Air assisted airless and airless spray equipment requires quality high pressure hose. The nice thing about shopping KM Coating when you need hose for your finishing equipment is the variety you have to choose from. Whatever application you specialize in, you can count on the hoses to be well-built and up to the task of working within recommended pressures. Only the most durable materials are used in manufacturing high quality airless paint sprayer hose, such as polyamide, stainless steel, high tensile carbon steel and exteriors made from polyurethane. In addition, KM Coating offers custom high pressure hose assemblies for your Wagner airless sprayer, Graco airless paint sprayer and air assisted airless paint sprayers, so you may always find the right high pressure hose to solve all your fluid dynamics requirements.

Hydraulic Hose

Rubber hydraulic hoses are useful for a number of applications such as transporting petroleum and synthetic or water based fluids within the agricultural, construction, earthmoving and material handling industries. One of the most popular hydraulic hoses used is PTFE hose. It has become so common because it is effective for those jobs that require chemicals to be transported or when high temperatures are used. Plus, PTFE hose is available in a number of different ways that allow you to address flexibility and flow issues so you’ll always have the right equipment to get the results you want.

High Pressure Hose and Hose Testing

Because all hose KM Coating stocks is subjected to rigorous testing, you can use any of the hoses with confidence. The tests follow strict industry standards and are carried out using cutting-edge equipment. Putting the hoses through these trials confirms that they meet industry standards and can stand up to conditions including extreme temperatures, flames, ozone, and scraping and grazing.

From aerospace to agricultural, surface treatment applications and marine, the superior quality of high pressure hose KM Coating carries makes it useful and reliable in practically any industry.