Industrial Painters – Airless Paint Spraying Jobs

Industrial airless jobs require heavy duty hose that is not only designed for use with industrial painting equipment, but that is durable enough to handle at least 5,000 PSI. It is useful, too, if strong and tough industrial hose is flexible, especially when you need long lengths of hose running between the equipment and the job. If you are looking for airless paint sprayer hose that meets all these criteria, KM Coating, Inc. has the high pressure hose you need. KM Coating carries a large selection of different types of hose in different levels of durability to ensure you have the optimal equipment for the job.

Paint Application Brush vs SprayWhen you come to KM Coating for hose to use with your airless industrial equipment, you will have a choice among a variety of industrial specials and tough, long-lasting hose such as HD24-50FBE – 1/4″ x 50’, HD26-50FBE – 3/8” x 50’, and HD28-50FBE – 1/2″ x 50’. Each heavy duty hose is reinforced with a super-strong, aramid fiber and carbon steel braid to solve all of your fluid handling requirements. These double-braids make the hose sturdy enough to stand up to the high-burst pressures required, while keeping each industrial hose flexible enough to allow you to work comfortably for long periods of time.

One of the best things about ordering your industrial-grade hose from KM Coating is that we are happy to customize any hose you need to the lengths and fitting configurations you specify. Additionally, many of these high-quality hoses are available in multiple colors to make color-coding components and dual-part coatings easy, and, yes, KM Coating can customize those hoses, as well. You’ll be pleased with the performance of the top quality high pressure hoses for industrial application you get from KM Coating, plus we also carry paint spray tips, couplings, paint filters, high pressure swivels, really all the other accessories you need for a professional finish.

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