Industrial Spray Painting

Industrial Spray PaintingThe Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that industrial spray painting is among the occupations that are actually growing, though, with a four percent growth rate, the outlook is not quite as good as the national average. Still, considering the unemployment rates, it is reassuring for those with experience using airless spray equipment to know that they can find work when they need to. The BLS also reveals that one of the biggest pluses for industrial painters is that employers have a hard time finding workers who are qualified, meaning the job opportunities are there for those with the skill and knowledge of using industrial painting equipment.

If you would rather be your own boss instead of working for someone else, you can start your own industrial spray painting company. Depending on what type of spray painting you want to specialize in, the investment to get started can be as low as a few thousand dollars. An article on the Entrepreneur website focuses on a unique take on the business: mobile spray painting. With some good industrial painting equipment, such as an industrial paint sprayer and industrial spray guns, you can go to your clients and paint whatever they need finished including:

  • stadiums and arenas
  • metal roofs
  • storage tanks and pipelines
  • bridges
  • water towers
  • ships

Industrial Spray Painting – The Proper Finishing Equipment Goes a Long Way

Your expertise will save clients time and, with your professional finishing equipment, you will do a far better job than they could. You will charge for the cost of materials plus an hourly rate, and can start out slow, working your painting business part-time until it builds up enough to quit your day job.

When you need to occasionally replace those expendable accessories for your industrial spray painting equipment, come to KM Coating. We have a large selection of airless paint sprayer tips, high pressure hose, paint filters, and more at huge discounts to keep your finishing equipment working great at an affordable price.