Industrial Tips – Tested – Available Online

Industrial tips for your sprayer ensure a quality finish for those bigger jobs. Whether manual or automatic, they perform well with a wide range of spray coatings. The terrific thing about coming to KM Coating, Inc. for industrial sprayer tips is the large selection they carry to ensure you will have the perfect size to complete every job you do, no matter what orifice sizes and spray angles you require. Made from ultra-durable stainless steel and with tungsten carbide inserts, you can count on the industrial airless tips from KM Coating to see you through the biggest, most rigorous jobs.

Industrial Tips Online

While KM Coating has over 300 choices for you for industrial tips, they also offer over 100 choices for industrial reversible tips. Rated at 7,500 PSI, the reversible option still delivers a first-rate finish, plus they’ll help you save time, too. Tip blockage is a common problem, even if you’re meticulous about using paint filters. Often, too much time is spent on powering airless systems down so that those blocks can be cleared away before you can continue with the job. With reversible tips, though, you don’t even have to shut the system down. Just flip the spray tip into the reverse position, aim the gun at a piece of scrap board and shoot the blockage away.

Not Just Industrial Tips – We have Custom Paint Hose and Other Paint Spray Accessories

For industrial tips, reversible paint spray tips, flat airless paint sprayer tips, or any airless tips for that matter, come to KM Coating, Inc. They carry all the tips you’re looking for plus many other accessories you need to have on hand. From high pressure hose to paint filters to couplings and adaptors, KM Coating has the expendable parts to keep your finishing equipment running and performing well. Plus, the prices at KM Coating are a bonus. Everything in the inventory is discounted, even the items you know and use all the time. You’ll get the best results every time while enjoying some of the lowest prices at KM Coating.


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