Kremlin Air Assisted Airless

Kremlin air assisted airless double groove spray tips are tailor made for use with your Kremlin XCITE or MVX air assisted airless guns. Working with a variety of spray coatings including water-based products, polyurethanes, two-component products, varnishes, stains, or similar materials, it only makes sense when you choose these air assisted airless guns to have the tips on hand that will optimize the finish and minimize maintenance. The Kremlin 63-554 air assisted airless spray tips are available in a range of sizes and useful for achieving beautiful spray patterns with fine finishes, even at substantially lower pressures. Plus, being able to successfully use lower pressure means very little product bounce back.

Kremlin Air Assisted Airless

The KX23-25JIS air assisted airless paint sprayer hose has just the right amount of pressure and is ideal to safely work within the surface treatment industry. This 3/16” ID, 25 foot high pressure hose will solve all your fluid handling needs. What’s more, using lower pressures and pairing these hoses and double groove spray tips with a top-of-the-line Kremlin air assisted airless gun, will help to cut down on maintenance, as well as extend the life of your gear. Lower pressures are easier on the equipment in general, but they also make for lighter, quicker cleaning after use. With less wear and tear on your guns and tips during and after use, you can count on everything to last longer and work better, producing quality finishes you can be proud of.

Kremlin Air Assisted Airless Hose and Spray Tips

You can find the KX23-25JIS high pressure hose and 63-554 spray tips as well as a huge selection of sizes of Kremlin air assisted airless spray tips at KM Coating, Inc. We also carry the accessories you will find indispensable for your Kremlin brand equipment such as micro tip filters, which serve as both a filter and pre-orifice when you require finer atomization. KM Coating even has the specialized hose you need for low pressure jobs, and we offer it all at discounted prices. KM Coating has all the accessories and expendable items you need to maintain your professional Kremlin air assisted airless equipment.

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