Graco and Wagner – Quality Airless Paint Sprayer Finishing Equipment

Graco and Wagner are both respected companies and the leaders within the surface treatment industry. Both companies offer great airless paint sprayers, air assisted airless finishing equipment and other finishing accessories, such as paint filters, spray tips, live gun swivels and much more. Both the Graco and Wagner pumps use similar hose products with either NPSM female swivels or NPT males permanently crimped on the high pressure hose. Each company has their own similar private labeled products; however, they each name them differently such as Graco Blue Max hose or Wagner Paint Crew hose. But hose, for the most part, are interchangeable and will certainly solve your fluid handling requirements.


A number of factors go into which particular high pressure hose to choose from, but a key decision depends upon which airless paint sprayer you are using. The more common sprayers are around 3300 PSI, so the most popular items are on the contractor specials page, with the PX24-50FBE being the most popular hose sold by both companies. Many units are sold per year as a great number of contractors, individuals and large companies use both Graco and Wagner for their fluid dynamics requirements.


For the higher PSI pumps, the 50 foot hoses are the most common. For around a 5000 PSI pump the industrial specials page would hold all the high pressure hoses you would need.

If you require a little extra pressure with your industrial spray equipment, our heavy duty hoses will be exactly what you require.


Most professional painters require a slightly smaller diameter hose with their air assisted airless paint sprayers. This will give the painter a lighter and more flexible high pressure hose to work with. The two options below will be ideal for air assisted airless jobs.


Live gun swivels are a huge seller and each spray gun should be upgraded with one. Graco has realized the importance of a high pressure gun swivel which is why they offer several options and sell thousands in a given year.

Graco is the industry leader for supplying contractors and others with industrial and air assisted airless products and supplies. They’ve been around forever and have well-made products that continue to produce the best results. Although Graco is larger, both companies offer great products that are very closely related and interchangeable with one another. Both Graco air assisted airless equipment and Wagner paint spray equipment are top of the line. We sell the parts that compliment their equipment. Or, you’re looking for replacement parts such as tips, swivels, hose, etc… shop online for parts and accessories at KM Coating.

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