Paint Application Brush vs Spray

Brush or spray? Two tools for the very same job, right? Which one should you choose? In reality, these tools shouldn’t be considered competing options for the same job. Instead, a paint brush and a paint sprayer are complementary, both deserving of a spot in your painting toolbox.

Paint Application Brush vs SprayConsider the paint brush. It’s an excellent paint applicator that provides superb control and paint adhesion. For detail work, it’s clearly the best option. Despite this, painting by hand can be a slow and laborious process, as it not only takes a long time to cover your desired area, but you often need more than one coat of paint. When you are looking to paint a large area, or are simply looking to speed up paint application, a paint sprayer is ideal for you. You can apply paint rapidly, and you only need a single coat. And although you use more paint than painting with a brush, the rapid application means overall cost savings because you can finish a job in hours that might have taken days. It’s also worth noting that a paint sprayer gives you a fine finish, one without brush strokes that can often be seen in traditional painting.

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