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Do the other hoses have a point? Yes!

Yesterday I mentioned PTFE hose – which we said has some excellent qualities and was, in fact, the top-of-the-line. That’s great. I hope I sold you on the benefits of good ol’ polytetrafluoroethylene. But if it’s so wonderful, why do we have ‘other’ hoses in stock?

Well, sometimes, like Humphrey Bogart said: “a hotdog at the ballpark is better than a steak at the Ritz.” Sometimes, you don’t need all that fancy stuff and you just need a hose to get the job done.

Airless ⅛” Hose
This airless 1/8″ hose is if you need a smaller hose to act as a ‘whip’ so that the smaller, final section of the hose that is held up by the user weighs as little as possible to prevent fatigue.

Stainless Steel Braided Hose

A stainless steel hose has excellent flexibility and is designed for confined, potentially explosive atmospheres. Therefore, this is NOT where you want to get cute! Stainless steel braided hose ensures full surface conductivity and provides excellent resistance to paints, solvents, and chemicals.

Air Assisted Airless Welded Twin Hose

Equipped on an air-assisted airless paint sprayer, the KMW23 high-pressure hose series is a welded twin hose comprising a 3/16” airless paint sprayer hose and a 1/4″ pneumatic hose. Each hose is color-coded for easy identification and can be used with your Graco air-assisted airless spray gun and Wagner spray gun.

Teflon Core Hose

KM Coating offers a wide variety of specialty hoses designed for your airless paint sprayer or air-assisted airless paint sprayer. Our PTFE hose with a thermoplastic cover is available in 1/8” ID to 1/2″ ID and is rated up to 5,000 PSI. This Teflon core hose is able to be used in extremely high and low temperatures and chemically resistant of all common solvents including acids and bases.

Who are we?

KM Coating. But you knew that already, I hope. Here are the details:

We are an American family-owned and operated company based in the Northeast with a global reach and decades of experience behind us. Freshly incorporated and under new management, our team has had paint in our blood from the beginning. We focus on selling high-pressure paint spray equipment – namely hoses, filters, and tips – to end-users.

But as the content manager of the blog and social media, I’m new here. I’m part of the family, but I haven’t known much about the company until now. In the coming weeks and months, I’m going to be sharing my journey of discovering what makes us special!

I hope that you’ll enjoy the references to sports, Broadway, Seinfeld and Jeopardy! that will be coming your way. We’ll have some fun, learn things and make this worth your while.

Here’s what I know so far: 

We negotiate with manufacturers to ensure the best prices for our customers. We have low overhead and pass the savings on to you! We have an expert and diligent team waiting to serve you.

Our customers typically come from four fields:

Industrial: Water tanks, shipyards, government contracts, bridges, etc.

Air Assisted Airless: Those who want fine finish work on tables, doors, airplanes, etc.

Contractors: The pros who paint

DIY-ers: Weekend warriors. No job is too small!

We sell paint spray and PTFE hoses, couplings, adapters, swivels, Y-Blocks, filters and filter housing, tips and tip accessories. You can’t do a job right without them!

We are passionate about our profession. We believe in providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. Give us a call or a message and find out for yourself!