Wagner Airless Tips and Accessories

Wagner AirlessThere is a reason Wagner airless sprayers hold two of the top ten spots on Paint Sprayer Judge’s1 list of the best airless paint sprayers. The versatility of the equipment for use with various products is a huge plus. The brand is also known for being quick to disassemble for easy cleaning after a job is completed. Some Wagner airless sprayers can be a little pricey, but some models are less expensive, too. That means that, depending on what you intend on using the airless equipment for, you should be able to find an affordable option.

When selecting a paint sprayer, resist the “bigger is better” mentality. Bob Vila’s website2 recommends getting a sprayer that has as much horsepower as you need, but not more than that. You also need to match equipment with the accessories, such as high pressure hoses, paint filters and sprayer tips. It is important to take note of sprayer ratings to ensure that the one you choose will produce sufficient pounds per square inch to handle the thickness of the coating you intend on spraying, and that it can support a tip of appropriate size. Ignoring those elements will typically end in a lot of downtime due to clogging issues.

Wagner Airless – Finishing Equipment, Spray Tips and More

At KM Coating, we carry a wide selection of accessories for a large range of finishing equipment including Wagner airless sprayers. We have flat tips, reversible tips and even a line of air assisted airless spray tips made of top quality materials such as tungsten carbide. We also carry high pressure hose, which can be customized for your specific needs, along with couplings, adaptors, paint filters and tip accessories for maintaining your spray tips and ensuring quality results and a long life. KM Coating is essentially your one-stop shop for high quality airless and air assisted airless accessories at affordable prices.