Low Pressure Hose - PTFE Tubing

Our PTFE tubing is a natural color and commonly used when a high temperature range is required or harsh chemicals are being used. A key advantage of PTFE tubing is its low coefficient of friction or non-stick properties, which allows for the transport of materials with minimal fluid resistance. PTFE hose can be used with nearly all chemicals, industrial solvents and corrosive materials. In addition, it can be steam sterilized without impacting the PTFE tubing physical properties, such as flexibility or surface hardness.

Although PTFE tubing holds up well with most elements and harsh chemicals, they should never be used with Elemental Sodium, Elemental Lithium and Elemental Potassium. These Alkali metals reacts by removing the fluorine from the polymer molecule, thus deteriorating the PTFE tubing. For a complete list of chemicals that should be used with caution or avoided all together contact one of our hose specialists, who will surely help you solve your fluid dynamics needs.