Graco Air Assisted Airless Spray Tips

These Graco air assisted airless pin spray tips are used with air assisted airless gun models G15, G40, Silver Plus and Mini Merkur. With our wide selection of Graco sprayer tips, you will always achieve a soft spray atomization in various spray patterns and orifice combinations when the proper paint filters are used. Whether you require our standard or fine finish pre-atomizer versions for your air assisted sprayer, you can find the right paint spray tips to solve all your fluid dynamics requirements.

By administering a small amount of air to aid in completing the pattern formation, you are able to attain the fine finish results required while greatly reducing excessive bounce back. Applying the spray coating at significantly lower pressures than a normal airless setup, your air assisted airless spray equipment will undergo less wear and tear. This resulting in less maintenance and clean up of your air assisted airless spray equipment allowing it to last longer. Additional air assisted airless Graco paint tips available upon request and Graco air assisted airless high pressure hose in stock.



Triangular design enables it to clean any size tip helping to keep it at peak performance.


Part Number Main Description Price Qty Place Order
36-703 12 Needles for tips +.011



Fits behind most AAA tip designs, serving as both a filter and pre-orifice.


Part Number Main Description Price Qty Place Order
36-610 100 Mesh (pack of 10 filters)

36-614 140 Mesh (pack of 10 filters)